The gård Catering

Presented by Treena & Kevin Deehan

(705) 445-3918 x105


Menus and hours

2024 Menus:

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Hours of Operation (weather dependant):

From first tee time to 9:00 pm


After 20 years collective experience in the Food and Beverage industry, Treena and
Kevin decided to start The gård, an event and catering business. The inception was
inspired from Treena’s inheritance of her Danish Grandfather’s Farm in Northern
Ontario. Her Great Grandfather Alfred Anderson, settled the land and developed
the farm to produce potatoes, strawberries, rhubarb and a number of other
products. Going back to her roots she was inspired to bring farm to table catering.

Our Vision

To bring people together and have a positive impact on our customers, our team,
the environment and the community while delivering important occasions and
creating memorable events. To be a leading provider of quality delicious foods &
beverages delivered by impeccable customer service offering quality, consistency
and presentation every time that will leave a lasting impression. To give back and
contribute to our local community and charity groups and help as much as we can
where we can. To create a friendly and family spirited team and make sure all who
work with us have the tools to be their best in a cooperative and rewarding

Our Mission

To provide an impeccable service, quality delicious foods and a passionate team,
that delivers a friendly and professional experience that brings our customers
visions to life and creates powerful memories.

Kevin and Treena Professional History

Kevin and Treena bring over 60 years business experience. Kevin specializing in risk
management and portfolio management across Technology, Office Products and
Industrial sectors. Respected as a resourceful and innovative leader, consistently
delivering positive results that impact profit enhancement, negotiations, and
bottom-line revenue. Treena on the other hand, brings experience in Human
Resources Consulting specializing in Talent Acquisition, Employee Relations,
Benefits, Payroll and Succession Planning. She is known for her ability to collaborate
with multiple levels of an organization to align goals and achieve common
objectives. In 2006 Treena and Kevin’s path crossed at Dell Computers Inc. Kevin as
VP Asset Management and Treena engaged as a HR Consultant working to
implement a Dell Kiosk initiative. Their passion for the outdoors, golf, mountain
biking, skiing, and snowshoeing led them to Collingwood Ontario where they
purchased their first chalet. They fell in love with Collingwood and quickly began
making plans to purchase a local business and become a part of the community.
They both loved dining out and Treena has always had a passion for the culinary
arts and entertaining so they focused their efforts on the Food and Beverage

Eggsmart Collingwood Eatery

In 2014, Kevin and Treena embarked on the project of developing Eggsmart
Collingwood Eatery from the ground up. Since that time Eggsmart has become a
household name engaged in the community employing 25 staff. Treena and Kevin
bring over 20 years collective experience as Food and Beverage professionals
responsible for the management and oversight of all food and beverage operations
and finance at Eggsmart Collingwood Eatery. Eggsmart is a pillar of the community
and has become the neighbourhood hub for breakfast. Whether meeting a friend,
having a business meeting or celebrating a memorable occasion, the Eggsmart team
has been there for over a decade tried and true 364 days a year delivery amazing
service and exceptional food.

Highlights of Accomplishments

  • 2023 Top Sales of All Eggsmart Branches across Canada (consistently within the top 3 Franchises)
  • Pool of 25 staff (front of house and back of house)
  • 10 years experience servicing 100 to 500 customers daily, Weekly 1500 to over 2000. Service ~100K customers annually.

Our Offerings

We offer a complete Food and Beverage collaboration. With your help and
feedback we will be able to create a menu that romances the palate and creates a
memorable meal for our members and guests. We have become experts at
streamlined dining room service and kitchen execution to create repeatably
consistent and exceptional quality and presentation. Our business acumen has
allowed us to attract, train and retain top notch FOH and BOH talent. We will
specifically tailor our Talent Acquisition Plan to meet the needs of Blue Mountain
Golf & Country Club. We have built long term established relationships and pricing
with food and beverage vendors and local markets to provide the best products and
pricing. Our local credibility allows us to provide the footprint needed to come in
and hit the ground running.

Next Steps

Kevin and Treena are looking for the next challenge. They are well rooted and
established in the community and are looking forward to the opportunity to bring
a committed catering excellence to Blue Mountain Golf Club and its members and