19-24 Membership

Those age 19 to 40 are not subject to initiation until the year in which they turn age 41.

When considering membership at Blue Mountain, those age 19 to 24 have several options from which to choose. They may either:

  1. Purchase a membership under the “Season Pass” category until they turn age 25.
  2. Purchase a debenture for $150 and commit to the current initiation plus annual dues.


Play 7 days a week at any time during the day.

  • Eligible for 7 Day advance lottery booking (online/ phone/ in person) for 1st tee play.
  • Eligible to play in weekly Men`s Day and Ladies` Day programs.
  • Eligible to play in Member Guest Days.
  • Eligible to play in all Club events and tournaments and in Interclub events.
  • Eligible to play in Match Play programs.
  • Eligible to participate in the Reciprocal Club program.
  • Unlimited use of all on site practice facilities.