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Corporate Membership


Joining the Club - click here for the 2018 SPRING membership special

  • Pay Initiation and debenture package of $2,995 ( plus applicable fees )
  • Receive fee dues for the 2018 season!


  • Test drive the Club from the start of the golf season through May 31st

Debenture Details

Blue Mountain Golf and Country Club was established in 1964 as a not for profit corporation. Upon acceptance as a member of the Club, each applicant must purchase a $150 non-transferable debenture which provides the applicant with a voting right in the affairs of the Club at each Annual General Meeting of the Membership or any Special Meeting of the Membership. As a Debenture Holder, each member may run for the Board of Directors or sit on a Club committee. At such time in the future when the applicant no longer wishes to be a member, the debenture is surrendered back to the Club for its face value.

Additional Options

Replacement Player (based on availability)

Annually, each Debenture Holder (member) in the Club has an obligation to keep their debenture in good standing by:

  • paying active dues in one the categories offered,
  • paying Social dues if not interested in being an active member, or
  • finding a Replacement Player (on their own or through the Club).

Once active dues are paid by the Replacement Player, the Debenture Holder is exempt from a membership obligation for that season.

A Replacement Player may enjoy playing privileges under the category joined for one season.

As of October 1st, the Replacement Player must determine if they wish to join the Club and commit to the then current initiation rate.

For more information about our Membership opportunities, please contact our Manager of Membership and Facility Services, Jim Malley at jmalley@bmgcc.ca or 705-445-3918 (ext 103).