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BMGCC COVID-19 Member Rules And Golf Protocols

(All rules are pending provincial guidelines)

The Blue Mountain Golf and Country Club is committed to ensuring that our members experience a safe and sanitary golf environment each and every time they visit the property.

Extensive procedures have been implemented to meet this goal. Unfortunately, COVID 19 will not allow us to operate the Club “Business As Usual” this season.

For 2020 (start to completion of the golf season):

  • Play is restricted to “members only” at 10 minute tee time intervals.
  • No general public green fee play will be allowed.
  • The Dining Room will be closed except for daily “Grab and Go” service.
  • No general public functions (golf or social) will be held.
  • No member social functions will be held.
  • Member`s Only consists of only active golfing memberships, not Social. This will be re-evaluated on June 1st, 2020.

All members are asked to please read the Rules and Protocols established below:

  • Please use sanitizing stations located at the front door, Pro Shop door or patio door when entering the building.
  • Practice physical distancing with a minimum of 2m between staff and other players.
  • Do not share any equipment including scorecards, tees, clubs, balls, ball markers, etc.
  • Do not share food or drinks.
  • Refrain from a hand shake at the end of the round.
  • Please do not travel to the Club with anyone other than those with whom you reside.
  • In the event of inclement weather, please return to your vehicle and do not congregate in the clubhouse.
  • Members are asked not to enter the Course and Grounds maintenance compound.

Creating a Safe and Sanitary Environment:

  • Members are asked to use the sanitizer stations provided.
  • Members are also encourage to bring their own hand sanitizer and have it with them during their round.
  • Staff will be wearing masks and gloves when required while addressing members.
  • Surfaces will be sanitized on a regular basis throughout the day.
  • Available washrooms (handicap washroom in the lobby and the washroom at Hole #3 tee / 13 tee) will be sanitized by staff on a regular basis.
  • As is normal practice, nightly cleaning staff will clean and sanitize the building.
  • Pull carts and power carts will be sanitized after each use. 

Available Facilities:

  • Clubhouse access will be limited to the lobby, Pro Shop, Administration Office and Dining Room patio door for “Grab and Go” service.
  • Clubhouse washroom access will be limited to the Handicap washroom in the lobby.
  • Pro Shop access is permitted while accompanied by a staff member by entering the Pro Shop patio door.
  • No more than 2 members will be allowed in the Pro Shop at any one time.
  • The on-course washroom at Hole #3 tee /#13 tee will be open daily.
  • Emergency radios located on Hole #4, #6, #8, #12, #14 and #16 will still be available for emergency use.

Facilities Closed or Unavailable:

  • The Dining Room (other than Grab and Go service) 
  • The patio
  • The lower lobby, washrooms and locker rooms
  • Club Storage
  • All practice areas, including the Lob Range practice area and adjacent practice nets, as well as the chipping and putting greens, and adjacent nets
  • Hole #8 and Hole #14 portable washrooms
  • On course drinking fountains

Members should bring their own bottled water to the Club or purchase bottled water at the Dining Room “Grab and Go” area.

Tee Times and Procedures:

  • Due to government regulations tee times will be initially offered this year at 10 minute intervals.
  • Initially tee times must be booked online or over the phone (No walk in play will be permitted.)
  • Member names must be on the tee sheet in order for the member to play.
  • Groups must start at their scheduled tee time.
  • Please arrive no more than 20 minutes prior to your booked tee time.
  • All players are required to exit the property within 10 minutes following completion of play.

Power Carts and Pull Carts:

  • Power carts and pull carts will be sanitized by staff each time after use.
  • Power carts will be limited to one member per cart unless from the same household. 

Green Fee Play:

  • To ensure the safety of our members this year, a decision has been made by the Board not to allow public play on the course (general public and tournaments).
  • To start the season and to be re-evaluated on June 1st, there will be no guest play.
  • In the future, should members be allowed to bring guest(s), they must ensure that their guest(s) conform to Club COVID Rules and Protocols.
  • Guest access will be announced to members as our situation changes.


  • The handicap computer in the clubhouse will not be available.
  • Please post your score from home using the GolfCanada website.

Food and Beverage:

  • Food and beverage services will be restricted to “Grab and Go” only through the Dining Room patio door.
  • Entry and service will be restricted to one person at a time.
  • Grab and Go service will be offered daily from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Seating will not be offered in the dining room or on the patio.
  • Please support our caterer, Roadrunner Foods.


  • Please park in every second parking place.
  • Do not park immediately adjacent to another vehicle where avoidable.
  • As in the past, members are asked to arrive at the club 20 minutes ahead of their tee time.
  • In the event of a frost delay, members will be required to remain in their vehicle until play is permitted.

On Course:

  • Players must at all times abide by the mandatory government physical distancing requirements of at least 2 meters or 6 feet apart.
  • Groups are required to maintain a minimum of half a hole gap between them and the group ahead at all times.
  • Flag sticks are to remain in the hole at all times and are not to be touched.
  • The flag cup has been raised above ground level, therefore the hole is deemed completed when the ball strikes the flag cup.
  • Ball washers, bunker rakes, drinking fountains, all sand bottles, etc. have all been removed for player`s safety.
  • Please fix ball marks and replace all divots as sand bottles will not be offered. 


  • The staff are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service while adhering to COVID 19 restrictions.
  • They will be sanitizing aspects of the facility on a regular basis to ensure a safe environment.
  • Staff will practice physical distancing and wear PPE where required.
  • Staff are not permitted to handle your golf equipment or transport you to and from the parking lot, or while on the course.
  • In the event of inclement weather, staff are not permitted to pick members up on course due to Social distancing requirements. It will be incumbent on the member to watch the weather and react according.


  • All sales will be on the member`s chit account, credit card or debit card.
  • Cash sales are discouraged.
  • Club access is not permitted for members who are in self-isolation until their isolation period has been completed.
  • Please do not come to the Club if you are not feeling well.
  • Members will be kept abreast of any Board approved changes to our Rule and Protocols as determined by provincial guidelines.

Members failing to abide by policies implemented will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee and be subject to immediate loss of privileges until government physical distancing guidelines have been reduced. These rules and protocols will be updated as the season progresses, and changes implemented when / where possible.