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President’s Message September 2020

Over the last month you have received a number of President’s Messages outlining what has been going on at the Club this year and also the survey sent to all of our members. I am pleased to say that 70% of our membership completed the survey and that George Rutherford and Patty Vance did a great job compiling all the data. I would like to extend a very big thank you to George and Patty for taking on this initiative and putting the work in to compiling 435 survey responses.

The survey data findings have been posted on our website under the Member - CLICK HERE to view. Some of the highlights of the survey were not surprising to me. Our friendly staff, welcoming members and golf course were all prominent in the answers.

George and Patty will also be producing a written summary of the themes they felt were represented in the survey results in the coming weeks that will be shared with all members and the Board of Directors. We will also be conducting a series of Focus Groups before the end of the year to dive deeper into the key areas identified in the survey.

The Board will then take all of the information from the survey and focus groups and formulate a Strategic Plan that will help guide the Club in the coming years so that we align with the views of our members. This is not a process that happens quickly, but it is a priority to complete the plan and have a blueprint for the future success of BMGCC. This will also align with the Governance review that has been ongoing this year.

The survey is not the only thing being worked on at Board level. As always, the Board, along with the guidance of the Finance Committee will continue to work together to ensure we maintain a fiscally stable club. We will be announcing the 2021 Dues near the end of September once the Board approves the 2021 Budget in the coming weeks.

I would like to take this time to congratulate all participants in the various Club Championships over the last few weeks. Congratulations to Patty Vance and Kris Wilson for winning the Ladies and Men’s titles for 2020.

Sean Kelly
President 2020