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Update - Pin Caddy at BMGCC

Good Afternoon Everyone,

We wanted to give you an update that will hopefully be happening in the next week, pending shipping and installation times. We have purchased a new product called Pin Caddy which will bring back the true experience of golf and sinking the putt.

This is a device that allows the golf ball to fall into the hole as under normal circumstances, but has a plate at the bottom with a side lever that allows you to lift the ball out without reaching into the golf hole. This will allow us to not see the disc that we currently see and have the odd ball bounce off that device.

The lever on the side of the flag stick is to be raised using your putter only and the flagstick is to remain in the hole at all times.

We suggest that you check out the link to Pin Caddy (Click Here) which provides more information on how to properly and safely operate the mechanism.

We have placed the order with expectations to have them next week. Please be patient if they are not installed next week, but be assured we will have them in play as soon as possible.

Course & Grounds Committee